For Parents

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Our ABA intervention services hit the core of helping children with autism by following one simple rule: every child is unique, and we have to help them to best reflect those social needs. Through our Preschool ABA program, children learn by playing with their peers and with small group activities. Some learn to communicate by exchanging pictures or using an iPad. Others expand their verbal skills. We plan activities that encourage the children to interact – making dirt pudding, erupting baking soda volcanoes, playing water balloon T-Ball. At the elementary school level, activities offer the chance to practice how to attend and participate with age-appropriate lessons and learn from others through board games, dramatic play and conversations volleys.

Social Skills Group

“My child just doesn’t seem to get what people mean sometimes.”

We hear this from parents often and help them understand children with autism need help learning how to socialize, much as their peers learn academics. Our small groups meet weekly, where children practice life skills – maintaining a conversation, respecting personal space, coping with bullying.

Behavior Assessment and Treatment

Learning happens everywhere, not just in a clinic or classroom. Our Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) develop plans for each child to become fully integrated into the community and reach their full potential by increasing how they cooperate and communicate with everyone around them.