April is Autism Awareness month and to celebrate, we have many events and campaigns planned Hope-wide! To celebrate The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) and the thousands of individuals it has served statewide over the past 15 years, we are launching a “Light it Up Purple” campaign where we ask individuals and businesses to contact us for a purple light bulb to display in their home or business. We will also be partnering with local schools to participate in a “dress down day” as well as having members of our team visit classrooms to read books about inclusion to grade schoolers. And, if you’re driving in downtown Springfield, you will notice several banners along 6th Street in front of the Old State Capital and on Edwards Street near the New State Capital parking lot that promote TAP and inclusion.

We are also launching a t-shirt campaign to promote inclusion. A portion of the proceeds from the shirts will go to The Autism Clinic. You can find the t-shirts here: https://www.bonfire.com/hope-autism-inclusion/

In addition, many of our programs and community friends will be participating and hosting various events. This list will continue to grow, so please check the intranet for upcoming events, located in the Calendar of Events tab at the top of the homepage.

Keep an eye on our social media channels to see all of the great things we will be promoting around Hope this April and help us spread the word about inclusion!

Upcoming events:
3/31 – Robert Morris Autism Awareness softball game featuring The Autism Clinic
Game time: 12PM and 2PM
Reps from The Autism Clinic at Hope will be at the game and the team has graciously offered to accept donations of our behalf!
3/31 – Kids Jumping for Autism Festival 2018
10AM to 5PM
Illinois Building on the Illinois State Fairgrounds
Free Admission/Kids jump for $5 per 30 minutes/$10 all day
Proceeds benefit The Autism Clinic