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The Autism Clinic at Hope

The Autism Clinic at Hope is committed to giving children with autism spectrum disorder professional care and attention so that they can soar. We know that the best caregivers are families and we offer the training, advice and support that parents and other family members need.  At The Autism Clinic, we offer the full spectrum of services from birth to age 18. You can expect excellent quality services from our team of highly qualified and credentialed staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Technicians, and Licensed Therapists.

*The Autism Clinic is a network partner of The Autism Program of Illinois

Stories of Hope

Roslyn was diagnosed with autism at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO. I was heart broken because her older brother who is twelve years older also has autism. It took me years of courage to even think about having another little one and hearing that she too had autism, I was shattered. My husband insisted we still have a family fun day at the St. Louis Zoo. So, we carried on with our day, but all I could think about was what is the next step.

After being diagnosed with autism at Cardinal-Glennon-Knights of Columbus, we were given a packet of information which listed Hope as a resource. At that time, we were told it was unlikely we would able to get the recommended number of ABA hours. We were very fortunate to discover there was a new clinic in Maryville, IL, that was able to accommodate our needs. We started to see progress very quickly.

We were at a kid’s fair at the Prairie Capital Convention center and spoke with the director about our son’s issues and she encouraged us to pursue getting a diagnosis and meeting with them. It was encouraging for us to see their enthusiasm and willingness to help us find resources. Clark had very limited vocabulary of simply “I want” and pointing. He was no longer saying simple sentences or even mommy or daddy.

Disclaimer: The images associated with Stories of Hope do not depict Hope clients and are stock photos or they were obtained through consent by parents of Hope clients to be used for social media and marketing purposes.

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